Let’s do it! let’s design together the home you’ve always dreamed of, the one that makes you feel at home. Let’s just do it.

Let’s do it! let’s design together the home you’ve always dreamed of, the one that makes you feel at home. Let’s just do it.

CREARTE INTERIORS is an interior design studio, from an artistic and cultural perspective. Its founders, Julieta Cruoglio and Marta Duran, develop a variety of multidisciplinary projects with a focus on strong, conceptual design, searching for synergy between different disciplines to generate innovative ideas. Its main mission is to create interiors that guarantee personal well-being.


“Interior spaces reflect the individual’s perspective, its relationship with itself and with the world”

Pierre Bourdieu

Interior space is understood as a place in which the owners grow and live together. This artificial ecosystem must satisfy their everyday needs, stimulate their senses and offer cultural enrichment.


Not only do we design your space, we also provide you a unique experience. Interior design, as a norm, forms human behaviour and is responsible for personal comfort.

In the studio, the search for creativity arises from art, travel, human habits and different cultures’ singularities. A constant exploration within historical art references and the investigation into innovative and creative solutions.


“You can’t change the world, but you can set an example”

Alvar Aalto

With a curious and optimistic look towards the future, in CREARTE INTERIORS, work is done from an organic perspective, focused on making the most of the conditions and resources available,

harmonious coexistence with nature and a responsible way of life. Sustainability is an intrinsic form of quality interior design


“Interior space is,
still our refuge”.

Num. collegiate – 1436

Founder and creative director of CREARTE INTERIORS, she has a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. She developed multidisciplinary projects, going deeper into the technologies applied in art, cinema and culture. She specialized in interior design and has collaborated with different architecture, interior design and furniture design studios. Her experience has led her to creating her own studio where she acts as project director, supervising every phase of the designs, from the concept to the execution.

A cinema fanatic since childhood, she often goes to film festivals, as well as contemporary art events and exhibitions.


“I design; therefore I am”.

Num. collegiate – 1437

CREARTE INTERIORS’ founder and project manager director. Her interest in forms, plots, volumes and beauty stemmed from artistic drawing and this brought her to graduate as an interior designer, specialising in graphic design and photography. For her, design is much more than a profession; it’s her way of life. Perfectionist by nature, she takes care of all of the details of each project, searching for the optimal solution for each client.

Always searching for the latest technological advances, for her, the only way to live in the future is by introducing innovation into the present.